TTC to section off seating to improve physical distancing measures

Apr 16 2020, 8:20 am

The TTC will start sectioning off seating on their vehicles to ensure of physical distancing measures as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

On Thursday, the transit commission wrote on social media that in order to enable physical distancing they will “block off seats on our vehicles.”

While the TTC does not have a “permanent solution in place yet” for the time being, some seats will be blocked off with duct tape or caution tape.

The “vehicles will be slowly updated,” the TTC said.

The transit system made the announcement in response to a rider’s post showing that some seats had been blocked on a bus.

“Kudos to the bus driver of 21a this should have been done from the very start,” the bus rider said.

As the TTC continues to operate during the pandemic, greater protections for staff and riders are needed.

On Thursday evening, 33 bus operators at the TTC’s Queensway Division initiated work refusals due to workplace safety concerns.

Earlier that day, an additional five bus operators initiated similar action on the same grounds, this time at the Wilson Division.

Last week, the transit workers’ unions called on the TTC to supply personal protective equipment (PPE) for frontline workers.The ATU Local 113, which represents 12,000 workers, said that TTC workers are exposed to thousands of riders each day and must have access to PPE and face masks if they choose to wear it.

And, on April 8, the TTC began implementing vinyl barriers on its buses to better protect operators during the pandemic.

TTC spokesperson Stuart Green said at the time, that the transit system is making and installing 150 barriers a day.

“They provide extra comfort and security for operators while being removable to allow for accessible front door boarding/exiting.”

To date, 17 TTC employees have tested positive for coronavirus and 240 are in isolation.

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