Pape Station was absolute chaos this morning (PHOTOS)

Apr 18 2019, 8:04 pm

It’s been a rough start to the morning for hundreds of Torontonians today, as an earlier incident resulted in absolute chaos at Pape Station.

Just before 8 am, the TTC tweeted that there was no service between St George and Pape Station as crews responded to an injury at track level.

The transit authority also informed riders shuttle buses were on the way.

About an hour later, the TTC said the regular service had resumed between St George and Pape stations.

And while some may have expected this meant their morning commute was about to get back on track, the absolute opposite occurred — the delay resulted in chaos at the station.

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Photos shared on social media show massive groups of people crowding both the subway platforms and bus terminals at Pape Station this morning, a scene that could make anyone feel claustrophobic.

You can see riders cramming together while they waited for a service suspension to clear during peak rush hour, which is definitely not how you want to start your morning.

Just remember, if you’re ever late for work as a result of the TTC, the transit authority will actually provide late notes for commuters delayed by its subways, streetcars and buses.

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