Multiple incidents on TTC cause commuter mayhem this morning

Apr 2 2019, 1:00 pm

Another day, another major TTC delay causing morning disruptions for commuters.

Only this time there were a string of incidents that occurred on Line 1 during the morning commute, which resulted in massive lineups to board trains and dangerous overcrowding on a subway platform.

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From emergency alarms and operational problems to a medical emergency, commuters had to deal with just about everything this morning.

The TTC was quick to update commuters on Twitter about the delays, advising commuters that some may last as long as 15 minutes, but we all know how wild even a 10-minute delay can get.

A photo posted on Reddit Toronto shows a massive group of people crowding the subway platform at Lawrence West station on Line 1, which experienced the brunt of the delays this morning.

You can see riders cramming together while they waited for a service suspension to clear during peak rush hour, which is definitely not how you want to start your morning.

Just another TTC morning from r/toronto

Just remember, if you’re ever late for work as a result of the TTC, the transit authority will actually provide late notes for commuters delayed by its subways, streetcars and buses.