Report: 77% of TTC riders are satisfied with their most recent trips

Feb 21 2017, 3:50 pm

The summer of 2016 was all about those hot subway rides in Toronto.

It was so bad, that the TTC saw a decline in overall customer satisfaction. At the time, the customer satisfaction dropped to 70 per cent, compared to 80 per cent earlier in the year.

But despite the decrease in 2016’s third quarter, a TTC report shows that perceptions improved by the fourth quarter.

February CEO Report/TTC

The latest TTC CEO report, which is being presented at the February 21’s board meeting, shows an increase in customer satisfaction by the end of 2016, with 77 per cent being satisfied with their most recent trips on the TTC.

This, according to the report, is in line with the average score in 2015, which was also 77 per cent. The last two years have also been significantly higher than previous years, when the annual average was 74 per cent.

Perceptions of overall customer satisfaction are driven by numerous service attributes that are measured across all three modes: bus, streetcar and subway.

Meanwhile, the top three key drivers across all three modes are the same: wait time, comfort of the ride and trip duration.

The report states that the highest areas of customer satisfaction in the fourth quarter included:

• Helpfulness of maps and signs at station (subway)
• Cleanliness of station (subway)
• Ease of getting to train platform (subway)
• Ease of using or paying for fare (subway, bus, streetcar)
• Personal safety during trip (subway, bus, streetcar)
• Maps and information inside the vehicle (subway)
• Quality of stop announcements (subway, bus, streetcar)
• Ease of hearing announcements (bus, streetcar)
• Helpfulness of announcements (bus, streetcar)
• Helpfulness and appearance of operator (bus, streetcar)

The CEO report also indicated that Torontonians are proud of the TTC, stating 71 per cent of riders are proud of the system and what it means to Toronto.

And possibly most surprising, satisfaction with the value of the TTC is at 91 per cent, meaning that nine in ten customers indicated they received average or better value for money on their trips.

Interesting considering the TTC is one of the world’s most expensive transit systems.

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