Travel + Leisure offers pretty weak '5 things to do in Toronto' (VIDEO)

Feb 1 2017, 2:19 pm

It’s tough when you love where you live.

When you know its ins and outs, its little peccadilloes, secret corners, and sweeping offerings. And then someone comes along and tries to show it off.

But you’re really just left wondering if they’ve ever even been here.

Make no mistake, Toronto is a world-class city. There is so much to do here that when massive travel site Travel + Leisure reduces it to little more than ‘check out a neighbourhood, eat food, drink beer’ it seems like a vastly improper introduction to anyone unfamiliar with everything we have to offer.

So we’re torn. While we’re happy Toronto continues to get the exposure it deserves (our rep is solidly in place), it’d be nice if that acknowledgment came with a little depth, too.

But hey, while they might miss the mark with lines like, “Other can’t-miss Toronto attractions include cool Canadiana goods in Old Town,” we’re willing to forgive them this time and offer a few of our own insights.

In fact, here are 101 of them. Oh, and another 37 in case that’s not enough.

You can watch Travel + Leisure’s video below:

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