You can adopt a pet for $50 or less in Toronto right now

Aug 29 2019, 2:36 pm

Summer is coming to a close, and the approaching colder weather is the perfect excuse to finally take the plunge and adopt a furry friend.

Until September 1, animal shelters and retail adoption partners across the city are offering discounted rates on adoption.

Which means that if you’re looking to bring home a cat, the fee is $25 down from $75 and for a dog, the cost is $50, down from a range of $185 to $215.

You can view animals available for adoption online or visit an animal shelter or retail adoption partner.

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Before you decide which sort of pet you want to adopt, the city recommends determining why you want to bring a pet into your life. An exercise companion or pal for your child, perhaps?

This determination can help you discern which species and breed will fit your lifestyle.

Other things the city recommends considering before adoption include:

  • The time commitment. This can be up to 20 years. For a shorter commitment, consider adopting an older pet.
  • How much time and space you have. Dogs and cats need exercise, play, and companionship every day.
  • Food, veterinary care, pet licence, and other supplies will be a consistent expense.

It’s important to have all necessary supplies ready for your dog or cat – that’s food, bowls, leash or harness, collar, brush, toys, scratching posts, bed, crates, a litter box, and the like.

When you come to a shelter to adopt, you’ll need to bring a driver’s license or ID with your current address, and payment in cash, debit, Visa, Mastercard, or AmEx.

Whenever possible, all family members should come to the shelter to select a new pet.

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