Toronto's Cake Beauty is all about guilt-free indulgence

May 20 2016, 7:27 pm

What started as an experiment in the kitchen is now one of Canada’s leading beauty brands, and it all began right here in Toronto.

Founded in 2003, Cake Beauty is the fairy tale story of an indie brand that was built from the ground up to become one of today’s must have for beauty junkies. At the time, founder Heather Reier couldn’t find the exact product she was looking for, so she decided to take matters into her own hands.

“She had the idea based on a gap in the market in terms of products that she was looking for which was kind of walking that line between something that’s really beautiful and luxurious and had a girly flare but offered really great quality natural ingredients,” said Maggie Fogg, Senior Marketing & Communications Manager at Cake Beauty. “And 95% natural formulas is what we offer today. That clean natural quality of product that can still be really beautiful, decadent, indulgent and girly was something that didn’t really exist at the time, and was something that she decided to build herself.”


Using products from farmer’s markets and playing with formulations, Reier started her brand. Today, Cake Beauty has two brands Cake and Delectable, and a wide range of beauty products for use from head to toe. “Cake Beauty is the brand we launched with originally,” said Fogg. “We also have a sister brand called Delectable which is the creator of the Everything Balm, our newest launch. Delectable is more for the girl on the go. It shares the a lot of the same brand pillars in terms of being very naturally focused and that fragrance model, but it’s geared more towards the more mass market. It’s sold in a different tier of retailers and the price point is more approachable.”

Both lines are still Canadian made, with production based in the Greater Toronto Area. Having been around for 13 years, Fogg said the Cake brand is well-known in the region. “Toronto is always first when we want to get involved in community type events, so the response has been great.” And it’s also hard not to miss the pink Cake Smart Car driving around the city. “We love to be that fixture in the community as much as we can, from participating in something like TIFF for example, and just to push really fun events around the GTA.”

Cake, mostly known for their dry shampoos, has been launching a variety of products over the years, and they plan to continue building their brand and expanding their lines.

“The thing that’s really interesting about Cake is that it really hits the sweet spot, pun intended,” Fogg said. “It’s that local indie brand that is bringing you something really unique and delicious, but you can feel good about the fact that you know it’s great quality, Canadian made, and it’s a clean product that uses a lot of natural ingredients and you’re going to get great results.”

And with the launch of their latest Everything Balm, here’s our top five picks of Cake’s must have summer products:

  • The Everything Balm
    Launched by Delectable just last month, this product is so versatile. Used to nourish and condition from head to toe, this multi-purpose balm (21+ uses) can soften skin, tame brows, plump points, and even eases bug bites.
  • The Delectable Hand Cream Set
    One of Delectable’s best sellers, the kit includes four different scents that are summer ready, and easy to fit in a purse.

Arguably the most popular product on Cake’s line, their selection of dry shampoos are on point. From the very pretty scented Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray, to it range of Tinted Dry Shampoo Powder, there’s a scent and colour to suit all hair types – including our very own personal favourite, the Tinted Dry Shampoo Powder: Dark. A summer saviour, especially for sweaty days on the go.

Cake’s very first product is a richly whipped lotion that smells so good you might try to eat it. But don’t. But do enjoy the goodness of this product guilt free.

Scurb your way to smooth this summer! This indulgent brown sugar scrub is goodness you won’t want to rub off (but you really should though.)

Cake Beauty and Delectable are available at select retailers nationally and online.

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