Environment Canada forecasting spring-like temperatures in Toronto this weekend

Feb 14 2017, 1:54 pm

It’s been a wild week in Toronto weather.

Just last Thursday we were dealing with ice storms and temperatures as low as -18°C. Of course, that was before Friday’s snowstorm (and subsequent hellish commute), Saturday’s sudden return to above 0°C, and then Sunday smacking us in the face again with another (albeit beautiful) snowstorm

Like we said, it’s been a wild week. Oh, and apparently it’s not going to stop anytime soon.

Environment Canada is currently forecasting a high of 11°C on Saturday with a mix of sun and cloud as well as a high of 9°C on Sunday also with a mix of sun and cloud. 

After an absolutely abysmal January in Toronto, sunny weather in the low double-digits sounds more like something we’d be happy to accept at the end of April than mid-February.

But hey, maybe the groundhog was right after all.

Either way, expect this weekend to feel like spring in Toronto. Which will be fantastic… right up until the moment it remembers it’s winter again for another month.

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