From tomorrow until Christmas it's going to be above 0°C in Toronto

Dec 20 2016, 2:15 pm

Let the great thaw begin.

After an early winter in Toronto, it looks like warm weather is about to arrive just in time for Christmas. Despite several recent snowfalls and the dangerous roads that come with them, the city is about to experience a week of warm(er) weather.

According to both Environment Canada and The Weather Network, beginning tomorrow, Wednesday, December 21, there will be a stretch of days that feel closer to fall than winter. Ironically, this relatively balmy weather arrives just as winter officially begins.

Oh weather, you jokester. You got us good.

Toronto Weather

Environment Canada

Toronto Weather

The Weather Network

Of course, it will dip below 0°C at night time and there are a few calls for light flurries, but all in all, the next week in Toronto should be a rather tame entrance to winter’s formal introduction.

Really, it’s fall’s fault there’s snow on the ground. Winter simply doesn’t feel it needs to be that way…yet.

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