Toronto was three times hotter than Vancouver yesterday (PHOTOS)

Feb 24 2017, 6:27 pm

Even though it didn’t quite snow as much as some weather reports had suggested yesterday, Vancouver was still gripped by low temperatures and a healthy splattering of hail.

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Of course, it’s not totally surprising that a late winter’s day in Vancouver involves snow or less than spring-like weather. But we’re definitely more used to getting the short end of the winter stick here in Toronto. So it’s definitely a little eyebrow raising that we were busy enjoying a record high in Toronto yesterday – one that was a full three times higher than temperatures in Vancouver – while our western neighbours were being forced to bundle up.

That’s right, while Vancouverites were busy putting on layers, we were stripping them off as the city basked in record-breaking 17.7°C temperatures. 

The heatwave was the highest temperature ever recorded in Toronto during February. Indeed, before yesterday the warmest February 23 in the city’s history was back in 1984 when the high reached a very warm 14.9°C.

Contrast that with Vancouver however, where the mercury reached the heady highs of just 6°C and you’d be forgiven for thinking the world had been turned on its head.

What’s next?

Will we all start going to work in yoga pants in Toronto? Will we start smoking copious amounts of weed? (Oh wait, no that’s already happened).

Yesterday in Vancouver

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Yesterday in Toronto

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