Toronto is now one-step closer to two-hour transfers on the TTC

Jan 29 2018, 5:26 pm

Toronto is just months away from having a two-hour transfer on the TTC.

On Monday morning, Mayor John Tory was joined by TTC Chair Josh Colle and TTC Commissioner Mary Fragedakis to highlight the TTC’s hop on-hop off transfer in the City’s 2018 budget.

Once approved by council in February, the TTC will be investing $11 million to implement the hop on hop off transfer by August. This amount, according to the TTC, is the estimated cost of lost revenue as a result of time-based transfers in 2018, and is the amount the city will budget for to support the roll out.

“Over the last three years, people across the city have repeatedly made it clear to me that making it easier to get around the city is one of the most important issues they expect me to tackle as mayor of Toronto,” said Mayor Tory in a release. “It is why year over year we make unprecedented investments in the TTC to improve service for millions of daily riders.”

In November, the TTC board approved the time-based transfer for PRESTO users after John Tory asked the agency to look at costs associated with introducing this transfer system on all routes in 2018.

At the time, TTC’s Brad Ross confirmed the cost of the time-based transfers will be included in their 2018 budget with no additional cost to riders.

“The hop on-hop off transfer allows people on transit the flexibility to run errands or make stops along their way to work, school, or home,” said Fragedakis. “This would continue the modernization of our services, and further demonstrate the TTC’s ongoing commitment to improving the customer experience.”

Tory said he’s proud of the accomplishments the city has made for TTC riders over the last few years.

“We will continue to make smart investments in transit in Toronto to make our transit system faster and stronger,” he said.

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