10 Toronto-themed Halloween costume ideas

Oct 4 2016, 5:19 pm

Forget Pokémon, Deadpool, and Suicide Squad. This Halloween, get decked out in Toronto pride.

Being the centre of the universe, we could dress up as several different Toronto-themed outfits known nationwide – one such costume is being the centre of the universe. But in all seriousness, here are some of our favourite Toronto-themed costume ideas for your Halloween.

CN Tower & Edgewalk

What is more Toronto than the CN Tower? And its popular Edge Walk has people hanging off it regularly, so to us, these two are like peanut butter & jam. Besides, how much fun will it be hanging on to someone your entire party night?

The CN Tower with mini Drake

To the city I love and the people in it…Thank you for everything #VIEWS

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Pretty self explanatory, but you’ll be all the VIEWS anyone will look for at the party.

Drake’s Billboards

All Star Weekend 2016

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As you know, Drake loves his billboards. Lucky for you, you can be any of Drake’s 2016 Billboards!

Graffiti Alley

Graffiti alley! So beautiful 🎨 #graffiti #graffitialley #graffitialleytoronto

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Get that spray paint out and paint yourself all over. Graffiti alley has become a regular backdrop to many Toronto Instagram photos – so be ready to be everyone’s favourite backdrop.

Sweet Jesus Ice Cream

You’ve eaten Toronto’s favourite ice cream, now it is time to transform into it. That’s right – you can now become a delicious ice cream. Just don’t forget the branding.


#diyhalloweencostume #icecreamcostume #sprinkles #cherryontop #diy #crafty #crochet #halloween 🎃🍦👻🎉

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Drake’s dad

Had a wonderful dinner with my son tonight ONE LOVE ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Before there was Aubrey Graham, there was Dennis Graham. And now that Aubrey Graham is everyone’s favourite, it is time to represent Dennis Graham (aka Papa Drake) this Halloween. Check out that stash! Because Hotline Bling is so 2015.

Toronto Craft Beer

Our craft beers are really making waves, and their bottles are as creative as their tastes. This Halloween, why not be one of these awesome bottles? And if you’re really trying to get hipster this year, maybe you can be a mason jar with beer in it.

Over-heated subway rider

Being hot on the subway was so Toronto this year. From the Mayor, to Kiefer Sutherland, everyone got in on the ride. Get all hot and sweaty in your clothes, maybe undo that tie a little, and you have Toronto’s over-heated subway rider! Don’t forget your Presto card.

Norm Kelly

With over 338k followers on Twitter, and many not even Canadian, Councillor Norm Kelly has become the face to our city – and we love it. So why not show the love and be Norm this Halloween?

The Raptors

More like, other dinosaurs you can be to show your support for the Toronto Raptors. Because everyone will be a raptor, why not be a Triceratops, a T-Rex, or perhaps Brachiosaurus. Maybe check out Jurassic Park for more ideas. And if anyone asks, you’re Raptors fam.

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