This map shows the average Airbnb cost at every TTC subway stop in Toronto

Sep 25 2018, 1:21 pm

In search of a bargain for your next weekend in Toronto? This map of affordable Airbnb rentals in the city has you covered.

Luckey Homes, the all-inclusive property management service for short-term rentals, has completed an analysis of the Airbnb market in Toronto and created a handy map that compares the average prices per night (for an entire home or apartment) from one TTC subway station to the next.

According to Luckey Homes, the current overall average price for renting an Airbnb apartment (entire home/apartment) in Toronto is $178 a night.

Those looking to stay in the “wealthier residential areas,” will be looking at a pricer stay, with Airbnb rentals in Summerhill averaging $275/night, Lawrence $229/night, St. Clair $204/night.

Not surprisingly, rentals in the downtown core will cost you relatively the same, with St. Andrew station averaging at $203/night, Union at $198/night and Museum at $193/night.

Interestingly, while downtown Toronto comprises one of the highest prices per nights (St. Andrew, Union and Museum), Airbnb rentals around stations in east downtown (College, Dundas, Queen and King) still lie under or around average, offering a good alternative and price-performance for tourists who want to stay downtown,

For those really looking to save a few bucks, the least expensive rentals are located on the eastern end of the Bloor-Danforth Line 2, with Warden station rentals costing $99/night and along Scarborough Line 3 Kennedy at $118. 

Airbnb Map

Luckey Homes

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