These Toronto stadiums are 2 of the most Instagrammed in North America

Nov 27 2018, 3:37 pm

Attending a live sporting event is only partially about watching the actual game.

It’s also about taking in the entire experience — the energy of the crowd, the sheer size of the stadium, and then documenting it all so you can show your followers on social media.

And while there are countless stadiums in North America, some are so iconic that visitors can’t help but share photos of them with their friends when they go to them.

Between sports games, concerts and conventions, stadiums are the best place to be. But which stadiums have been tagged on social media the most?

New research from Globehunters, has revealed the most popular stadiums in North America according to Instagram.

The research compares stadiums from all major teams across NHL, NFL, MLB and NBA leagues by taking a count of the most relevant hashtags for each one and has found the most popular amongst them all.

While it comes as no surprise that Madison Square Garden tops the list, with over 1.5 million hashtags, Toronto is not only the sole Canadian city to make it onto the list, it’s also home to two of the most ‘grammed spots.

Globe Hunters

The Rogers Centre, aka our beloved Skydome, is the 17th most Instagrammed stadium, with 146,778 hashtags used.

Globe Hunters

Scotiabank Arena, home of our Toronto Raptors and the Maple Leafs, placed 24th, with 109,656 hashtags used.

Additionally, Globehunters discovered that MLB league stadiums had the highest average hashtags with 159,000, while NFL league stadiums had the lowest average hashtags with just 65,000.

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