Toronto restaurant La Carnita sparks outrage on Instagram with offensive Trump reference

Oct 12 2016, 7:02 pm

Toronto taco chain La Carnita is in hot water after an insensitive post to Instagram captioned “What if Donald said, “grab her by the taco…” and unsurprisingly no one found it funny.

“Grab her by the taco” oh @la_carnita…

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La Carnita was quick to delete the post but the controversy lives on as a repost on parody account industry injustice watchdog and wiseass’ IG page, @chefgrantsoto.

In response to the out lash, La Carnita commented on Instagram taking the classic (but often overlooked) approach of acknowledging the wrongdoing and apologizing. “Tonight we made a mistake. A big one. We wrote a caption that was dumb, rude & insensitive. We’re sorry. We can do better and we will.”

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