Toronto launches new committee to recover and rebuild the economy

Apr 24 2020, 10:45 am

Mayor John Tory announced the launch of the Toronto’s Recovery and Rebuild Strategy to create a post-COVID plan to help with the economic recovery once the pandemic is over.

On Friday, Tory said the plan will focus on recovery strategies and actions to help the local economy.

The committee will also work on making the municipal government more efficient, effective, and resilient.

“As we renew ourselves, we want to make sure the city government is in the not in the way,” Tory said.

The recovery and rebuild strategy will also focus on supporting the economic and community growth with stimulus strategies to ensure the economy can “bounce back.”

Tory said the plan will be phased out over time and the city will communicate the strategies clearly with businesses and residents.

Toronto Public Health officials will also be helping with the plan “every step of the way.”

Saad Rafi will lead the economic efforts and Dr. David Mowat will lead the public health strategy.

The mayor said that the Economic Support and Recovery Task Force, which was implemented in March, will be “crucial to the overall recovery plan.”

“Canada’s economy relies on Toronto. We are the economic engine of this country.”

The Toronto Office of Recovery and Rebuild will be guided by several themes including, building preparedness through City divisions and agencies, resilience, equity, business and cultural development, and government and fiscal renewal.

The city will work closely with institutions, communities and partners to ensure engagement throughout. Residents and businesses will play a significant role in successfully restoring communities and social and economic infrastructures, while ensuring the city remains healthy.

The mayor said when the city can restart depends on each resident doing their part to adhere to physical distancing measures, and that the “war is still raging on” against the pandemic.

“Lives are still at stake, we cannot take our foot off the gas to stop the spread of COVID-19,” Tory said.

Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health Dr. Eileen de Villa agreed with the mayor’s sentiments, confirming 4,486 total coronavirus cases with 300 in the hospital of which 113 are in UCI.

To date, there are 238 reported deaths, indicating 16 more deaths since Thursday’s report.

De Villa also warned residents that as the weather gets warmer it can be increasingly difficult to adhere to physical distancing measures, but that in order to stop the pandemic individuals must keep to measures in place.

The mayor also noted that next week, the city will release its plan to target hotspot pedestrian traffic in Toronto to ensure that physical distancing measures are implemented properly in public spaces.