These are the most ridiculously photogenic bakeries in Toronto

Mar 10 2020, 6:41 pm

Eating a delicious donut is great, but you know what’s even greater?

Capturing a cute pic of that delicious donut, so you — and all your Instagram followers — can continue to savour its sweetness forever.

All the better if the donut is cute AF, right? Right.

These are the spots you’ve got to hit in Toronto to get that pastry glamour-shot.

Lamanna’s Bakery


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Big, bold and beautiful, Lamanna is serving up the fiercest treats on the block. Go sweet with some intense cannoli, donuts or cookies, or opt for savoury with a ridiculous slice of giant pizza.

Address: 6758 Kingston Road
Phone: 416-287-2020


Bunner’s Bake Shop


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Every single treat at this little bakeshop is 100% gluten-free and vegan, making your sweet and savoury indulgences even more special.

Address:Ā Kensington — 244 Augusta Avenue; Junction — 3054 Dundas Street West; Trinity Bellwoods — 1134 Dundas Street West
Phone:Ā 647-350-2975


Velvet Lane Cakes


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It looks like a sneaker but tastes like cake. Doesn’t get much better than that. This cake shop is creating ultra-impressive renditions of familiar faves like burrito bowls, Chanel bags and teddy bears… in the form of fluffy, sweet goodness.

Address: 194A Carlton Street
Phone: 416-262-4159


Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery


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All the sweet confections, cold and warm, come together at this Ossington spot. Get your ice cream in an egg waffle, or sandwiched between a sticky cinnamon bun, and squash all your cravings in one shot.

Address: 93 Ossington Avenue
Phone: 647-348-1900




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Get your fill of fancy french treats at this pastry shop. Serving gourmet bites that’ll make you feel like you’re visiting Europe, this spot leans into every special occasion with cute menu themed menu items that just ooze deliciousness.

Address: 780 Queen Street West; 1099 Yonge Street; The PATH — Richmond Adelaide Centre; Yorkdale Mall — 3401 Dufferin Street


Sweet Hart Kitchen


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Vegan, gluten-free, baked and unbaked, there’s so much goodness going on at this little sweet shop, it’s ridiculous. Seasonal specials and all-the-time faves line the display case, ready to fill your tummy with deliciousness that isn’t even all that unhealthy.

Where: 68 Wales Avenue
Phone: 647-340-4645




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A shining star on both King East and Dovercourt Road, this bakeshop serves delicate pastries that bridge the space between “mouthwatering” and “looks to pretty to eat.” If you’re lucky, you might drop by on a day when birthday cake slices are in the display case — they’re only available when a staff member is turning another year older, and the cake’s availability turns their special day into your special day, too.

Address: 108 Dovercourt Road; 362 King Street East


Bake Shoppe


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Sweets and sass, sass and sweets. They go together likeĀ peanut butter and jelly, and Bake Shoppe knows it. That’s why here, you’ll find mouthwatering treats infused with unexpected flavours, painted with images of Drake and iced with bold statements that you can’t help but grin at.

Where: 859 College Street
Phone: 416-916-2253




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This all-eclair french pastry shop is committed to doing. The. Dang. Thing. Made with no artificial flavourings, each of these works of art is decorated so elaborately that you almost won’t want to eat it. Almost.

Where: 717 Queen Street West
Phone: 647-748-7001


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