6 drool-worthy foods you need to try at the Nutella Café by Sobeys Urban Fresh

Aug 15 2017, 1:05 am

Anyone who tells you that you have to choose between sweet and savoury has never been to Toronto’s Nutella Café by Sobeys Urban Fresh.

Canada’s very first in-store café dedicated to Nutella, located in Sobeys Urban Fresh at 22 Fort York Boulevard, is more than worth the visit. Because it’s the place to be whether you’re craving something deliciously sweet or rich and savoury.

Or both.

So, to help you understand even further why hitting up the iconic café is a Toronto must, we’ve compiled a list of six drool-worthy foods on the menu that you can devour once you arrive.


Crêpe with Nutella and berries/Nutella Café by Sobeys Urban Fresh

Fresh fruit-filled crêpes with Nutella are something that you’ll want to sample, at least once. They’re made-to-order, warm, fruity, and just right.


Waffles with Nutella and strawberries/Nutella Café by Sobeys Urban Fresh

Hit up the Nutella Café by Sobeys Urban Fresh when the craving for waffles gets to be too much. Choose your toppings, grab a knife and fork, and relish the sheer joy that comes with each bite. Thankfully, the cafe is located close to the city’s Entertainment District, so you can grab a bite there before or after you go out and it won’t cost you a fortune.


Danish with Nutella/Nutella Café by Sobeys Urban Fresh

This all-butter danish filled with Nutella will change the way you look at light and puffy pastries, forever. It’s totally worth visiting the Nutella Café by Sobeys Urban Fresh for, and so are the wide selection of other pastry options including Nutella-infused bombe treats, flaky aragosta, Italian pizelle, and of course the classic croissant with a hazelnut spread twist.

But you’re not limited to only sweet delights at the Nutella Café by Sobeys Urban Fresh. Items on the new savoury menu are perfect for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner.

Black Forest ham and cheese crêpes

If you like fresh and made-to-order savoury crêpes, then you’ll want to try this tasty meal option. Sure, you can still follow this with a hazelnut-y treat if you want to. Nobody will judge you, it’s the Nutella Café after all.

Prosciutto and bocconcini crêpes

You can even order an Italian-inspired menu item for lunch which might even make you feel as though you’ve been transported to a cafe in the heart of Rome.

Smoked salmon and brie crêpes

Quick and easy, fresh and delicious smoked salmon and brie crêpes could make the Nutella Café by Sobeys Urban Fresh your new favourite place. And you can pair your order with a delicious soup for the perfect lunchtime meal.

The Nutella Café by Sobeys Urban Fresh goes beyond the typical pizza, subs, and salads that you’ll find at almost any quick service restaurant in the neighbourhood. They even serve premium hot beverages and fresh juices to complete your overall experience.

So, the next time you want to try something new just outside of your doorstep on date night, or for a lunch with friends, visit the vibrant café and you won’t be disappointed.

For even more mouthwatering Nutella creations, check out the hazelnut spread on Facebook and Instagram.

Nutella Café by Sobeys Urban Fresh

Where: Sobeys Urban Fresh, Spadina – 22 Fort York Boulevard
Hours: 7 am to 8 pm Monday to Sunday
Contact: (416) 623-5111

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