These are the neighbourhoods with the most and least coronavirus cases in Toronto

May 28 2020, 2:32 pm

The City of Toronto released geographic information on COVID-19 cases in the city to help fight the spread of this virus.

Some neighbourhoods have over 300 cases while others have less than 10.

“By knowing where those impacted by COVID-19 live, and by assessing other important risk factors, Toronto Public Health is better able to inform preventive actions, identify where proactive testing can be helpful and take action to reduce virus spread,” the city said.

On Wednesday, the city released an interactive map that reflects where individuals live, but not necessarily where they were initially exposed to this virus.

It’s important to note that areas with lower rates of coronavirus cases are not necessarily safer and do not pose less of a risk of infection.

The northwest and northeast regions have the highest amount of positive cases.

The top three worst hit neighbourhoods in Toronto :

  1. Glenfield-Jane Heights: 286 cases
  2. West Humber-Clairville: 258 cases
  3. York University Heights: 250 cases

The top three neighbourhoods least hit in Toronto:

  1. St. Andrew-Winfields: 7 cases
  2. Danforth Village: 7 cases
  3. Lambton Baby Point: 7 cases

“COVID-19 is the greatest threat our city has faced this generation. It continues to take lives and we know it is present across our city. No person — young or old — is immune.
No neighbourhood is immune. And of course, it poses other threats to our residents. Their employment, their financial state, and even their state of mental well-being,” Mayor John Tory said.

“I believe releasing this information will help far more than harm. It is a reminder that COVID-19 is here and we must be vigilant in following public health advice. It is a reminder we must focus on supporting people affected by this terrible illness, not shy away from that in anyway whatsoever. And I hope it will encourage people if they have even one symptom of COVID-19 to get tested.”

According to the City, residents are reminded of the importance of adhering to public health advice to wash their hands often, stay within their household bubble, practise physical distancing, or wear a face covering or non-medical mask to protect others when in settings where physical distancing cannot be maintained.

The COVID-19 enforcement team continues to respond to complaints and patrol parks and other public spaces, in an effort to ensure public understanding of the need to maintain physical distancing.

Ensuring compliance through education and awareness is said to remain the preferred method of engagement, but enforcement continues to take place as necessary.

To date, there are a total of 10,525 cases, but of those 7,814 are resolved. The city has 780 reported coronavirus-related deaths.

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