Boxy Toronto modern home gets torn apart on Twitter

Apr 12 2021, 4:14 pm

Twitter isn’t feeling the love for a modern home in Toronto.

A tweet from Toronto comedian Gwynne Phillips about a boxy, seemingly almost windowless house in East York led to an onslaught of (mostly hilarious) criticisms about Toronto’s modern home designs.

Phillips shared a picture of the narrow, boxed-shape house at 251 Lumsden Avenue that has only one visible window from the front along with the caption “Every street in Toronto has at least one house like this and it’s time we address it.”

And it seems she isn’t the only one with some feelings about the Lumsden house and its very different design. The lack of windows seemed to be the biggest shock to Twitter users, with one person even saying the house must be owned by a vampire.

Others seemed to just hate the design overall, calling it everything from a “Blackmirror house” to an “alien space ship,” with others implying that it simply has to go.

Other Twitter users started sharing more modern homes in the city that they think stick out in a bad way, including one house that a user says looks like something out of Sesame Street.

Some users did come to the modern style’s defence, saying these homes are a great way to maximize small plots of land throughout the city.

But whether you love them or hate them, modern houses in Toronto don’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon.

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