Toronto further limits student attendance at closed schools

May 7 2021, 10:14 am

Toronto Public Health has issued a new order that further limits children’s attendance at schools during the COVID-19 Stay-at-Home order.

The move comes after reports have emerged that some schools in the Greater Toronto Area have stayed open for religious services even though classes are cancelled.

In-person classes at Toronto schools have been stopped indefinitely since April 7, and a province-wide school closure took effect after the April spring break.

On Friday, Toronto announced a widened set of closures that would enhance existing lockdown measures. It limits students’ attendance at schools as much as possible and includes rules about gathering at schools for purposes other than attending class.

According to Toronto Public Health, the order intends to restrict children’s attendance across “all school educational settings” to limit their attendance at school-sanctioned activities whether or not those activities qualify as “in-person teaching or instruction.”

The order also set a 15-minute limit for students visiting schools to collect personal belongings.

It takes effect on Monday, May 10.

Exceptions include students with special needs being taught in person and children using playgrounds on school grounds.

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