Toronto just had its hottest summer on record

Sep 23 2016, 4:53 pm

If you were in Toronto this summer, you know it was hot AF.

We discovered new places to sweat. And we don’t mean new places in the city, we’re talking about places on our bodies.

Anyway, at least we now have the data to back up all that back sweat.

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According to The Weather Network, a solid way to gage the weather of any particular season is by looking at its daily mean temperature: “The daily mean is the average of the maximum and minimum (high and low) temperature observed in a given day.”

Well, everyday Pearson Airport records all this info and we can now use it to look back across the past few months and then compare it with previous years.

And guess what, all those cold showers were completely justified.

This summer was the hottest in Toronto since Hot in Herre was #1 on the charts. No, seriously.

Toronto Hottest Summer

Not only that, for max temperature – the highest degree we hit on any given day – Toronto’s 2016 average comes in just two-tenths below the all-time high:

To put that in perspective, according to The Weather Network, summer sixteen’s average max temperatures in Toronto were almost a full 3°C warmer than 2015’s and “over 4°C warmer than 2014.”

So ya, it definitely got hot in herre…