By the numbers: This is how people commute to work in Toronto

Dec 1 2017, 10:01 pm

Toronto is leading the way when it comes to commuting to work using sustainable transportation in Canada.

According to Stats Canada, nearly one-third of commuting Canadians, or 5 million people, used sustainable transportation in 2016. Just over 12% of those use public transit, 12.1% carpooled, and those who walked or cycles accounted for 6.9%.

And in Toronto, 42.5% of the working population used sustainable transportation, leading other major cities like Vancouver and Montreal.

Sustainable transportation, by main mode of commuting and census metropolitan area of residence, 2016

Toronto is larger than both Vancouver and Montreal, and includes 24 municipalities, but it had the highest rate of sustainable commuting in Canada. This is mostly attributed to the high number of commuters using public transit to go to work.

While we do lead in public transit, Toronto comes in behind Vancouver and Montreal when it comes to active commuting, particularly cycling. Only 1.4% of the working population cycles to work in Toronto, compared to 2.3% in Vancouver and 2% in Montreal. Including walking, Vancouver reins with its 9.1% of active commuters, followed by Montreal at 7.2% and Toronto comes in last at 6.7%.

The number of commuters in 2018 might spike once more in Toronto, as the city will have its latest 8.6-km-long Toronto York-Spadina subway expansion that will open in mid-December. As well, the TTC’s latest approval of time-based transfers might also attract more users to Toronto’s transit system.

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