Update: High Park cherry blossoms expected to bloom this weekend

May 2 2018, 7:50 pm

It’s official, the most Instagrammable time of the year is almost here.

That’s right, cherry blossom season.

According to Sakura in High Park’s latest update, we should see the High Park cherry blossoms start to bloom this weekend between May 4 to 6.

Then, the peak bloom should be at its fullest between May 9 to 12.

Sakura in High Park says the warm weather has helped the buds transition to the next stages of development.

Most buds are well into the third stage of development and beginning to show signs of florets.

According to the latest High Park update, a few trees have already progressed to the fourth stage and are showing buds with distinct, deep pink florets.

These will be the trees to show the first blooms of 2018.

The latest update also revealed that the trees showing elongated, pointed buds will most likely go straight to leaf without blooming.

Which means we should see a mixed view of blossoms and leaves during peak bloom this year.

But as always, the unpredictable Toronto weather will be the deciding factor and Sakura in High Park says rain and wind could knock off petals making viewing times even shorter.

But if we’re lucky, the bloom may last until Mother’s Day, which would be an incredible treat!

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