How this Toronto delivery service is taking on big grocery

Jun 15 2020, 2:25 pm

We all know that grabbing groceries is no longer something you do on a whim on the way to the park. With limited hours, longer line ups, and the possibility of putting our health (and the health of others) at risk each time we physically visit, the way we all approach grocery shopping has completely changed.

So it makes sense that a lot of us have turned to online grocery shopping lately. The only problem is that with an increased demand for grocery delivery, online platforms have struggled to keep up with demand.

New online grocery player, Food To You, is hoping to solve that problem for the GTA.

The grocery delivery service says it realized how important online delivery was to minimize the spread of COVID-19, but that there weren’t enough services in the area to fulfil the need.

“During one of the seemingly never-ending days of quarantine (for COVID-19), we were having a discussion about what we could do to help Torontonians navigate this storm,” says co-founder Urjit Dave.

“We knew there were solutions that already fulfilled this exact need but we also knew that they were severely backlogged due to the spike in demand caused by the worldwide pandemic.”


Even though the Government of Canada has confirmed that there are currently no reported cases of COVID-19 being spread through food, Food To You’s team of shoppers still adheres to their strict safety guidelines.

Shoppers wear face masks and gloves at all times, sanitize their hands on entry and exit of the store, and make contactless delivery.

Food To You aims to provide a safe and reliable grocery delivery option for Torontonians by using “shoppers who understand the importance of safe food handling and quality item sourcing.”

Beyond this, the team of expert shoppers make sure they choose the highest-quality items and contact customers if substitutions are needed to be made. Customers can even request items they can’t find in the company’s catalogue, which will be added to the site within the same week.

In short, Food To You acts with the customer in mind. The grocery service prides itself on customer communication, so that you’re in the loop about your deliveries or if you want to ask any questions. The team doesn’t aggressively mark up product prices on their catalogue either, so you know you’re not paying any extortionate extra fees.

Lynne Morrison, a local customer, says the delivery service gave her both extra time and peace of mind when it comes to her health. “After spending hours trying to get a delivery slot with three major supermarkets, Food To You was the fourth and only service that worked. I received a prompt email confirmation and a reasonable delivery date,” Morrison says.

“Aside from reliability, they are excellent with communication via email so you never feel insecure about whether or not your needs or requests are being met,” she says.

And if you’re stuck for inspiration in the kitchen (which happens all of us at some point), Food To You will have you covered with recipes launching its online platform soon. The service will also be running giveaways and promotions, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled.

In terms of internal operations, the service offers a work-life balance for its team with flexible schedules. Shoppers are compensated fairly based on the size of the orders they fulfill, and they have unlimited earning potential as they can essentially work more hours to suit their personal schedule.

Users of Food To You can hop online, enter items into their shopping carts, and expect delivery within one to two days. Groceries are sourced from Loblaw’s, and you’ll find everything you would at the regular store online, including a selection of meat, seafood, drinks, fruits, vegetables, frozen foods, baked goods, and pet food.

Another thing that sets Food To You apart from other delivery services as well as your regular grocery shopping is its rewards program. By becoming a member, you’ll get a discount on your first purchase; place five orders and get free delivery off your next order; and refer a friend and you’ll both receive 1,000 points — enough for free delivery for both of you!

Can’t wait to take advantage of this new delivery service? Check out Food To You’s website today.

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