New Toronto delivery app will bring you junk food 24 hours a day

Feb 10 2018, 5:20 am

We’ve all been there before: it’s the middle of the night and hunger strikes.

But what you’re craving is something specific and not something you can just find in your kitchen cupboards or even at the convenience store down the street.

This is where FrydayBox comes in – Toronto’s newest delivery service app that promises to deliver your most craved items in under 35 minutes or less.

How it works is quite simple.

Hungry Torontonians are required to create an account, and then they can make an order, which is referred to as a box. Orders can be made through the FrydayBox website, mobile application, Ubereats or Foodora.

Users can fill their box with just about anything, think convenient sore snacks like chips, candy, desserts, and jerky, and even heated items like pizzas, wings, and poutines.

A post shared by FrydayBox (@frydaybox) on

A post shared by FrydayBox (@frydaybox) on

Oh, and in case you’re in serious need of an iPhone charger, condoms or a razer, there’s an impressive selection of party and home essentials available too.

After creating an account and you’re ready to order, you’ll receive text messages as FrydayBox updates you on your order as well as a live track of your order.

As for pricing, items are priced extremely fair. For example, a bag of  Miss Vicky Salt & Vinegar chips will cost you $4.95, while a box of Smarties is only $1.59.

As of now, only Toronto residents who live in the FrydayBox delivery zone are able to make orders. The zone runs from Lakeshore up to St. Clair and from Keele to Bathurst.


So the next time hunger strikes, don’t trek out into the cold. FrydayBox has your back.

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