Ontario officially plans takeover of Toronto's transit system

Aug 31 2018, 10:27 pm

Earlier this August, the Ontario government announced it would be a benefit to Toronto if the province took over the city’s transit system, and now the Ford government is delivering on its promise.

In a statement released Friday, August 31, Minister of Transportation John Yakabuski announced the appointment of a special adviser who will make recommendations on how best to upload, including the building and maintenance of new and existing subway lines, to the province.

The adviser, Michael Lindsay, will work with an advisory panel of up to three experts who have yet to be appointed, and will support the government in determining the best approach for the upload.

“This is part of our government’s plan to improve public transit and bring relief to commuters across the region,” said Minister Yakabuski.

“Travelling around the GTHA can be difficult and cumbersome. Traffic congestion and a lack of transit infrastructure is costing money, jobs and time. Our government is stepping up and treating the subway like the vital service it is.”

The provincial government says an upload of the subway would help the province to implement a more efficient regional transit system, reduce costs and build transit faster.

They also allege it could allow the province to fund and deliver additional transit projects sooner.

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