Toronto dinner event to showcase dishes from The 6ix Banned Nations

Mar 9 2017, 11:39 pm

Trump’s travel ban is now the inspiration for a new ticketed dinner celebrating #immigrantfood in Toronto.

Designed in honour of the six banned nations affected by Trump’s executive order, The 6ix Banned Nations Dinner from Chef Hemant Bhagwani will showcase the culinary traditions of Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Iran, Syria, and Yemen (plus Iraq).

On the multicourse menu; SambusaSomalian samosas filled with ground beef (or vegetables); Cauliflower & Okra Shawarma with Salat Zabidi a la Sudan; Harissa-Baked Fish from Libya; Iranian staple, Chicken Shashlik; Quzi, a slow roasted leg of lamb with fragrant rice, nuts and raisins hailing from Iraq; Syrian-style Muhammara (hot pepper dip) as well as Aleppo Kibbeh with Mahasi; and finally, Yemeni baking including flatbread and a sweet honey cake known as Bint Al Sahn.

On the event website, organizers U-feast share the following motivation behind the dinner,

Canada is a nation of immigrants. Indian Street Food Co.’s chef Hemant Bhagwani counts himself in that category, as does much of the U-Feast team.
Collectively, we find Donald Trump’s executive order banning seven nationalities from entering the USA both anti-democratic and anti human. Food is the universal language of unity – a caveat for community and coexistence – and tonight we’ll be spreading a message of inclusion, acceptance and love through the food of the six banned nations.
What’s more is that $20 from each ticket will go towards supporting programs run by YMCA Immigrant Services.

The 6ix Banned Nations Dinner

When: April 27, 6 pm
Where: Indian Street Food Co., 1701 Bayview Ave, East York
Price: $75

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