These are the best date spots in Toronto at every single subway stop

Jun 16 2016, 1:23 pm

Life in this city means being spoiled for great date ideas.

Toronto residents are right on the doorstep of so many wonderful things to do: from amazing restaurants, to cool cafes, to beautiful parks, to hilarious comedy. In fact, there is so much on that sometimes it can be hard to make a decision about where to go next.

Luckily, EliteSingles is here to help. They’ve made a map that showcases some of their favourite Toronto date ideas – filtered by subway station (yes, all 69 of them!). This way, if you like to date in the heart of the city, you’re never more than 10-15 minutes from your next adventure.

What to do in Toronto (and how to choose!)

We made our map with certain rules in mind. One; all dates must be a walkable distance from each subway stop. Ideally, this means a 5-10 walk from platform to destination (15 minutes at the absolute most).

Two; all dates must be genuinely great destinations. To decide what makes an idea great, we went with popularity – at the time of writing, every date idea mentioned scored an average of 4 stars or higher when its rankings on Yelp, TripAdvisor and Google Maps were averaged. (OK, so we had go with a 3.8/3.9 for Scarborough and North York!).

Finally, we wanted some diversity in our date ideas. Toronto has already seen bar maps and restaurant maps, and we’ve picked date ideas before, but now we have a map that showcases date ideas for all tastes and budgets, (colour-coded for your convenience!). Simply click the subway map below to locate the best date idea in your part of Toronto, or read on to find out more about each spot.

Toronto Dates by Subway

Line 1: Yonge-University Line

  • Downsview: Le Monmatre* (3.9). Good for: French elegance, romance
  • Wilson: Forget Me Not Cafe (4.4). Good for: Vietnamese/pho dishes, relaxed dates
  • Yorkdale: Silver City Cinema (4). Good for: Movie nights, group dates
  • Lawrence West: Ristorante Boccaccio* (4.2). Good for: Italian charm, food/wine parings
  • Glencairn: Doug’s Public Kitchen (4.6). Good for: Brunch, vegetarian/vegan dining
  • Eglington West: Bi Bim Bap (4.4). Good for: Korean stone bowl cuisine, relaxed dining
  • St Clair West: El Fogon* (4). Good for: Peruvian food, comfortable romance
  • Dupont: Spadina Museum (4.5). Good for: Canadian history, beautiful surroundings
  • Spadina: Rasa* (4.5). Good for: Innovative cuisine, tasting menus
  • St George: The Roof Lounge (4.3). Good for: Toronto skyline views, elegant cocktails
  • Museum: Royal Ontario Museum (4.3). Good for: Natural history, Friday Night Live events
  • Queen’s Park: Queen’s Park (4.2). Good for: Wildlife spotting, outdoor ambience
  • St Patrick: The Art Gallery of Ontario (4.5). Good for: Art collections, architecture
  • Osgoode: PAI* (4.4). Good for: Northern Thai cuisine, buzzing atmosphere
  • St Andrew: Second City Toronto* (4.4). Good for: Improv comedy, fun group dates
  • Union: Steam Whistle Brewing (4.5). Good for: Brewery tours, beer tasting
  • King: St Lawrence Market (4.5). Good for: Fantastic food, people watching
  • Queen: Elgin & Winter Garden Theatre* (4.6). Good for: Live theatre, elegant architecture
  • Dundas: RISE Espresso (4.8). Good for: Quality coffee, casual first dates
  • College: Infuse Cafe (4.8). Good for: Tea innovation, relaxing
  • Wellesley: bar Volo (4.2). Good for: Craft beer, patio drinks
  • Bloor-Yonge: Dessert Lady Cafe (4.2). Good for: Macarons, take-out gelato
  • Rosedale: Black Camel (4.5). Good for: Pulled-pork, picnic-in-the-park supplies
  • Summerhill: Boxcar Social (4.8). Good for: Coffee by day, craft beers by night
  • St Clair: Nove Trattoria* (4.5). Good for: Italian cosiness, pasta/gnocchi dishes
  • Davisville: Balsamico Ristorante* (4.4). Good for: Relaxed Italian elegance, fresh pasta
  • Eglington: Absolute Comedy* (4). Good for: Stand up comedy, fun group dates
  • Lawrence: Alexander Muir Gardens (4.2). Good for: Garden tranquility, pretty surrounds
  • York Mills: Auberge du Pommier* (4.3). Good for:  French sophistication, elegant romance
  • Sheppard-Yonge: Nomé Izakaya* (4). Good for: Japanese tapas, fun izakaya atmosphere
  • North York Centre: Toronto Dance Salsa* (4.7). Good for: Fun dates, new dance moves
  • Finch: Pastel Creperie (4.2). Good for: Shaved ice in summer, waffles in winter

Line 2: Bloor-Danforth Line

  • Kipling: St James’s Gate (4). Good for: Live music, pub atmosphere
  • Islington: Black Angus Steakhouse* (4). Good for:  Steak dinners, classic surroundings
  • Royal York: The Monk’s Kettle (4.4). Good for:  Craft beer, cosy dining
  • Old Mill: Etienne Brulé Park (4.5). Good for: River walks, winter sports
  • Jane: Coffee Tree Roastery (4.3). Good for:  Own-roast coffee, organic food
  • Runnymede: Baka Gallery Cafe (4.1). Good for:  Patio dining, brunch
  • High Park: High Park (4.5). Winter activities, nature walks
  • Keele: The Mugshot Tavern (4.3). Good for: Comfort food, local beer
  • Dundas West: Revue Cinema (4.7).  Good for: Arthouse cinema, classic films
  • Lansdowne: Propeller Coffee (4.6). Good for: Pour-over coffee, casual dates
  • Dufferin: Grey Tiger (4.5). Good for: Vegan treats, quirky cocktails
  • Ossington: Northwood (4.2). Good for: Relaxed charm, drinks list
  • Christie: Chistie Pits Park (4.3). Good for: Picnics, ice skating
  • Bathurst: Snakes and Lattes Annex (4.1). Good for: Board games, rainy days
  • Spadina: Rasa* (4.5). Good for: Innovative cuisine, tasting menus
  • St George: The Roof Lounge (4.3). Good for: Toronto skyline views, elegant cocktails
  • Bay: Philosopher’s Walk (4.3). Good for: Outdoor strolls, public art
  • Bloor-Yonge: Dessert Lady Cafe (4.2). Good for: Macarons, take-out gelato
  • Sherbourne: Sfizio Pizzeria & Winebar (4.4). Good for: Italian, Napoletana pizzas
  • Castle Frank: Little Shmiddy’s* (4.5). Good for:  Slow-cooked meats, intimate dining
  • Broadview: Broadview Espresso (4.5). Good for: Lattes, casual dates
  • Chester: Avli (4). Good for: Greek cuisine, welcoming atmosphere
  • Pape: Mezes (4.1). Good for: Greek/Mediterranean, lively setting
  • Donlands: Marvel Coffee Company (4.5). Good for: Decadent baking, tasty coffee
  • Greenwood: The Wren (4.5). Good for: Soul food, local craft beer
  • Coxwell: Local 1794 (4.3). Good for: Elevated pub food, cocktails/craft beer
  • Woodbine: Viking Bakery (4.5). Good for: Icelandic baking, sweet treats
  • Main Street: Grumbels Deli (4.3). Good for: home cooking, imported nibbles
  • Victoria Park: Dentonia Golf Course (3.9). Good for: Active dates, something different
  • Warden: Warden Woods (4.7). Good for: Woodland walks, outdoor activity
  • Kennedy: Good Luck Chinese Restaurant (4.1). Good for: Hakka Chinese, casual dining

Line 3: Scarborough Line

  • Kennedy: Good Luck Chinese Restaurant (4.1). Good for: Hakka Chinese, casual dining
  • Lawrence East: Kennedy Bowl (4). Good for: Interactive fun, group dates
  • Ellesmere: Johnny’s Shawarma (4.2). Good for: Take-away food, casual lunches
  • Midland: Ni Ji Sushi (4.1). Good for: Japanese delicacies, green tea ice cream
  • Scarborough Centre: Canyon Creek (3.8). Good for: Steaks, Honey buttered rolls
  • McCowan: Cineplex Scarborough (4). Good for: Movie nights, group dates

Line 4: Sheppard Line

  • Sheppard-Yonge: Nomé Izakaya* (4). Good for: Japanese tapas, fun izakaya atmosphere.
  • Bayview: Il Fornello Bayview (3.8). Good for: Cheery Italian, welcoming atmosphere
  • Bessarion: Paradise Farms Bistro (3.8). Good for: Farm-to-table meat, casual dining
  • Leslie: Betty Sutherland Trail (4.5). Good for: Outdoor dates, nature hikes
  • Don Mills: SilverCity Fairview Mall (3.8). Good for: Movie nights, group dates
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