Toronto COVID-19 cases in ages 40 and under increased 50% in the last month

Oct 19 2020, 6:36 pm

Toronto COVID-19 cases for people aged 40 and under increased by 50% within the last month, according to the city’s top doctor.

On Monday, Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health Dr. Eileen de Villa, said that the proportion of cases in the age group 40 and under, has grown by 50% in the last month compared to 35% in the initial wave.

She added that “infection rates are worryingly high,” and that 35% of all coronavirus cases since the start of the pandemic have been reported in the last 10 weeks, since August 1.

De Villa said that there has been a marked increase in outbreaks, which seem to occur indoors when people find it hard to physically distance, and are not wearing masks.

However, it’s important to note that the resurgence doesn’t seem to be caused by schools.

“The rising infection began before schools opened in mid-September. The increase of cases in adults preceded those in children,” de Villa said.

She noted that the percentage of cases for people under 18 does not seem to be increasing at as much of an alarming rate.

“This will be constantly reassessed,” she said as the number has been hovering around a 10% increase. Out of 1,200 schools, there are 11 with an active outbreak.

“If we must have outbreaks, I would want the numbers to look like this. It indicates relatively good infection prevention control measures,” de Villa said.

On Monday, the city confirmed 268 new COVID-19 cases making the total 24,624.

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