Toronto company offers virtual paint night parties for you and your friends

Jun 26 2020, 1:30 pm

Recent events have made it more challenging than ever to do fun things with our friends and family. Finding new ways to spend time with loved ones has been an interesting pursuit, to say the least.

Video chatting apps have made the transition from in-person activities to full-on virtual hangouts that much easier. Platforms that were once reserved for work meetings have now been ingrained in our day-to-day in interesting and fun ways — from virtual dance parties to workout classes.

Recently, virtual workshops have emerged onto the scene to bring people together through shared virtual experiences. Among the brands offering them is local Toronto company Original Genes. The sustainable fashion champion and experience company wants to help you make your next virtual hangout more creative with a Virtual Paint Night for you and your friends.

While paint nights at your local cafe might still remain out of reach, a virtual paint night is a super easy and accessible way to celebrate and create a memorable experience with your fellow creatives.

The paint kits include all of the supplies you need to create your masterpiece and, for those living in the GTA, can be delivered for free right to your doorstep before the party. Advanced shipping is also available for those who are outside of Toronto.

Included in the kit are paintbrushes, five paint colours, a sharpie, and a drop sheet to prevent any mess.¬†You’ll also have the option between painting a canvas for your home or a tote bag so you can flaunt your custom design on the streets.

Workshops run for an hour and are hosted by Original Genes founder and all-around bad-ass, Stefanie Furgiuele. Design-wise, there are a number of options available, and participants are encouraged to provide ideas and inspiration for what they’d like to paint or learn throughout the session.

The initial inspiration behind the brand was to repurpose denim jackets with customized, hand-painted designs. Growing frustrated with fast-fashion and its impact on the environment, Original Genes was emboldened to take a sustainable approach towards personalized textiles — repurposing used clothing and breathing new life into them.

Now, the company offers a range of customizable products and items that allow people to personalize their wardrobe to reflect their own unique fashion sense. Often, designs are emblematic of the city, with Toronto skylines and CN Tower motifs crafted onto the pockets or back of vintage clothing items.


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So, if your video calls are feeling a little bland these days, spice it up and reach out to Original Genes to host your own painting party. It’s a particularly engaging way to host a fundraiser, bachelorette party, or celebrate an upcoming birthday.

Not only will you get to express yourself creatively, but you’ll also have the opportunity to forge unique memories and walk away with a one-of-a-kind piece.¬†You might even forget (just for a moment) that you’re not all in the same room.

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