Toronto comedian mobbed with hate for saying Pierre Poilievre helps her cry in roles

May 4 2023, 8:43 pm

One Toronto-based comedian was recently slammed with hate for crediting the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada for helping her cry on command in acting roles.

The onslaught of criticism all began on Monday, when writer Clare Blackwood posted a tweet that included a “Canadian actor tip” on how to make yourself cry on cue.

While some actors may envision the loss of their childhood pet to get the tears flowing, Blackwood said that she simply just reminds herself that politician Pierre Poilievre exists.

Although the tweet was positively received by some, Blackwood revealed the following day that she had received tons of hateful messages and emails regarding the tweet.

Many of the comedian’s supportive followers began to override the hateful comments by tweeting out pictures of their adorable pets to make Blackwood feel better about the situation.

The writer also revealed the long list of profanities that were aimed at her during the whole debacle, some of which escalated to death threats.

Despite the onslaught of hate she received, Blackwood remained lighthearted about the situation and noted that her favourite comment to arise out of the whole ordeal was being referred to as a “Diet Coke Kathy Griffin.”

Just last month, Blackwood made headlines for producing a brutally honest fake campaign video that fired shots at some mayoral candidates running in Toronto’s June byelection.

Kimia Afshar MehrabiKimia Afshar Mehrabi

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