"Major cooldown": Toronto faces the coldest day in months

Sep 8 2020, 9:35 am

It might seem like we’re holding onto summer for dear life, especially after Toronto weather for Tuesday is set to be the coldest in three months.

According to The Weather Network, temperatures are expected to reach a high of 18°C and a low of 14°C, feeling more like 13°C as the risk of thunderstorms brew throughout the day.

As temperatures felt a mix of emotions this past Labour Day weekend, the start of this short week is actually the coldest day since June for Toronto.

June 13 to 14 also experienced temperatures in the 18°C range this summer, according to TWN, sharing similar sentiment to how Torontonians are feeling their Tuesday morning.

The Weather Network is calling Tuesday’s weather a “major cooldown” as temperatures are expected to drop to 16°C, feeling more like 15°C and right into 14°C in the overnight hours, more towards 13°C.

toronto fall

The Weather Network

As the night progresses, a chance of thunderstorms is imminent but not severe.

“Precipitation-wise, Tuesday looks gloomy, with showers moving through here and there through the day, with a morning and noon-time wave first, then another in the afternoon and evening,” said The Weather Network.

Although you may take this as a sign that fall is making an early comeback, temperatures are expected to bounce back this week for Toronto.

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