Toronto just smashed a 33-year-old cold temperature record

Nov 13 2019, 7:10 am

If you stepped outside at all this morning, you know that it’s cold AF.

In fact, it was so cold in the city Wednesday morning that Toronto smashed a 33-year-old cold temperature record for November 13, which was previously set in 1986.

cold temperature record

Back then, the cold temperature record was set at -9.6°C, which was smashed on Wednesday morning as temperatures dropped to -13°C, which felt more like -18°C with the wind chill, according to Environment Canada. 

cold temperature record

But this isn’t the only record that was broken this week.

Following Monday’s intense snowfall, which saw a whopping 13.6 cm land in the city, Toronto broke its previous snowfall record for November 11, which was previously set in 1983, when just 3 cm fell across the city.

And it looks like the blast of winter weather won’t be leaving any time soon, as more flurries and below-freezing temperatures are in the forecast for the rest of the week. cold temperature record

Meanwhile, temperatures are expected to reach a high of -4°C in Toronto this afternoon, which will feel like -9°C with the windchill. A chance of flurries is possible throughout the day and overnight.

This evening, temperatures are expected to remain below freezing tonight at -4°C, leaving the city feeling more like -9°C.

Meanwhile, an Extreme Cold Weather Alert issued by Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health on Tuesday still remains in effect until further notice.

Stay warm, Toronto.