Here's where you can get free pizzas in Toronto next week

Nov 18 2020, 3:14 pm

A local Toronto restaurant has unleashed a new patio dining and delivery concept, The Church of Pizza, and they’re giving out 100 FREE cheese pizzas.

Storm Crow Manor is celebrating its new outdoor dining experience, and they’re handing out free cheese pizzas, but there’s a catch. This spiritual experience asks for your immortal soul.

Not everything in life is free, and for this pizza spot you’ll have to pay a price.

For $3, The Church of Pizza offers Redemption, an actual, physical golden scroll of absolution where you have the option to choose any of the seven deadly sins.

“The medieval Church did it first, but we’re doing it¬†better,”¬†said The Church of Pizza.


The Church of Pizza

On November 23, at the stroke of 12 pm, the first 25 free pizzas will be available for those willing to repent, and those who miss out will get the chance to try once again every day until November 26.

Uber Eats is offering this exclusive deal, but if you’re looking to dine in the heated patio, you can get your hands on a golden scroll of absolution with your pizza order.

The Church of Pizza – Free 100 pizzas

When:¬†November 23 to 26 from 12 pm until they’re gone
Where: Through Uber Eats

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