Where to get the most epic hot chocolate in Toronto

Nov 7 2019, 4:17 pm

While chocolate is always in season, the hot and drinkable variety is arguably one of the chillier season’s greatest gifts. It can’t be disputed… hot chocolate is liquid gold.

So, from us to you, is a collection of the most special cups of the sweet stuff you can find at spots across the city.

Any of these options are sure to bring a grin to your mug.

Delight Chocolate

@delightchocolate / Instagram

These hot chocolate options are delightful. With flavours ranging from original to peanut butter to toasted hazelnut butter, and with vegan choices available, there’s something sweet here for everyone.

Address: 3040 Dundas Street West



SOMA / Instagram

SOMA brings the ancient tradition of drinking chocolate to modern city life. Try the creamy cacao creation at one of the shop’s locations, fall in love, and bring it home to blend up yourself. Heart-opening tonic, anyone?

Address: 443 King Street West
Phone: 416-599-7662

Address: 32 Tank House Lane
Phone: 416-815-7662


Bobbette and Belle

Bobbette and Belle / Instagram

This Toronto bakeshop makes their own marshmallows in-house, and they toast them with a blowtorch, right in front of your eyes. A combination of intense and sticky sweet, just like this chocolatey treat should be.

Address: 1128 Queen Street East
Phone: 416-466-8800

Address: 3347 Yonge Street
Phone: 416-466-8800


OMG Baked Goodness

@galsthatbrunchthesixedition / Instagram

Serving up another torched-marshmallow option, OMG’s sugary topping is more of a marshmallow fluff than a cube. Taking up plenty of the cup’s surface-area, you’ll get a bit of ‘mallow with every sip.

Address: 1561 Dundas Street West
Phone: 647-348-5664


ChocoSol Traders

@chocosoltraders / Instagram

Drink like the gods with the drinking chocolate from ChocoSol traders. The bar of cacao, mixed with cane or coconut sugar and various spices, melts down into the creamiest of hot drinks. Stop into their mid-town location or find them at various farmers’ markets throughout the city.

Address: 1131 St. Clair Avenue West
Phone: 416-923-6675


Sweet Jesus

Sweet Jesus / Instagram

Known for its devilishly delicious soft-serve creations, Sweet Jesus also brings a hot chocolate to the masses. Well… some of the masses. The hot drinks are only available at select locations right now, so be sure to call your local outlet to ensure they’re serving. Soon enough, the spot aims to offer this treat at all locations. (Try to) choose from their three options: salted dark chocolate, s’mores, or cake batter. Good luck.

Address: Various — find your closest here


Peace Treats

Peace Treats / Instagram

You may come in peace, but this hot chocolate will bring you to pieces. Topped with whipped cream, a s’mores sandwich, sprinkles, cookie crumbs, and a chocolate drizzle, the S’mores Hot Chocolate is also available as a latte.

Address: 131 Ossington Avenue
Phone:  416-546-5877



@nathalienadon / Instagram

This cozy nook in Kensington is the ideal spot to snuggle in with a good book or snack on pastries with pals. They’re serving up a lavender white hot chocolate that you don’t want to miss out on.

Address: 28 Kensington Avenue


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