This Toronto beer tour will take you to the best dive bars in the east end

Jan 25 2017, 9:29 pm

Looking for a new watering hole? In search of a Toronto local to call your own?

Venture off the beaten path by joining in on the next installment of Beer Tours TO. The upcoming east-end edition promises stops at three dive bars billed as “generally unknown, unhip and unfriendly.”

The “3 for 3” taking place on January, 29 will pick-up at Pape Station by bus and the plan is to “arrive at an unsuspecting bar, consume all of their beer” and move on to the second destination, “order all the beer,” and then head out to the final party location for more of the same.

The east-side event is the first of a potential series aimed at bringing beer-drinkers together and bringing business to under-rated bars. If this dive bar crawl proves popular, expect to see future tours tackle different neighbourhoods in all corners of the city.

Beer Tour TO: 3 for 3

When: January 29, 3:30 pm
Where: Pick-up location is TTC Pape Station. Bars on the tour are a secret.
Price: $99, includes bus transportation to all establishments plus drinks at all locations.

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