Someone is Airbnbing an SUV for $14 a night in downtown Toronto (PHOTOS)

Apr 4 2017, 4:41 pm

Rent in Toronto is expensive. And so is short-term accommodation.

So for those looking for a great deal in the city, we may have unlocked a gem located in the heart of the Distillery District.

Like most gems, there are a few conditions, like no events and no parties on the property. But before judging too soon, let’s take a look at this ‘too good to be true’ listing currently up on Airbnb.

Everything looks so promising at first glance. Sugar Beach views, price is on point, and the location can not be beat.


And then you start reading and see the word “camp.”

Ok. Camping is not the worst thing to do in the city… but then you keep reading.

“Live in the ‘trunk’ of my Mercedes SUV.”

But it’s $14 a night, so you keep reading. Because how bad could it really be?


We mean, there are curtains in the rear for privacy.

“Use the front seats as dining room, work room, and music room.”

We’re hesitant. But hey. It’s “close to everything. Washrooms, free showers and swimming pool a few blocks away.”

A few blocks you say? What a deal.


So let’s take a look at the dining room.

No place that has Perrier water can be that bad.

Dining room/Airbnb

The bedroom could have more paintings on the windows perhaps. But that’s a big enough bed for two.


As for this “entertainment room,” it’s just alittle too close to the dining room, you know?

Entertainment room/Airbnb

But hey that location is pretty epic.


Although don’t think that you can drive this away, just because it’s on wheels. The host clearly states “For stationary use. Not available to drive. May be available for driving for an additional fee.” But let’s be real, we’re only here for the $14/night cost. Nothing more.

And clearly we’re not alone. According to Airbnb, this listing has “been viewed 500+ times in the past week.”

But the calendar shows no booking.

And we’re not down either. The host should really reconsider the no parties rule. What else is that ‘entertainment room’ for if not inviting over like, ten one of your friends to jam with?

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