It’s going to feel nearly 25°C colder in Toronto just 48 hours from now

Oct 10 2018, 12:49 pm

Toronto may have just experienced the warmest October 9 in 69 years, but the recent summer-like weather is going to be short-lived.

Heading into the weekend, don’t expect the shorts and sandal weather to continue, as Toronto is going to be hit with a fall chill by the end of the week.

On Wednesday, the warm, humid conditions will linger in the city, and by mid-afternoon, the temperature is going to reach 26°C and feel more like 33°C with the humidex.

The Weather Network

However, by the week’s end, Toronto will see a sharp change into more mid-fall-like weather as a cold front enters into the region, making it feel nearly 25°C colder in just 48 hours.

By Friday, the temperature will hover slightly above double digits, with a high of 11°C expected, which will feel more like 9°C.

It’s going to get even colder in the evening, as The Weather Network is forecasting it will feel closer to 7°C.

The Weather Network

But hey, at least it’s not as cold as it has been in Calgary so far this month.

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