Toronto reported over 4,100 COVID-19 cases in one week: top doctor

Dec 7 2020, 12:27 pm

Toronto reported over 4,100 COVID-19 cases in one week, which the medical officer of health called “a very, very serious situation.”

During a press conference on Monday, Dr. Eileen de Villa said that since December 1, there have been over 4,100 cases reported and 68 deaths in the city.

“The case counts are so high that I can only call this a very, very serious situation. There’s no way to argue otherwise. COVID-19 is spreading aggressively in Toronto,” she said.

On Tuesday, December 1, 761 cases were reported, followed by Wednesday’s 438, Thursday’s 421, Friday’s 671, Saturday’s 550, Sunday’s 609, and today’s 651.

De Villa also noted that there are “real risks” posed to the healthcare system due to the increasing need for COVID-19-related care.

“More people are going to hospital in need of treatment.”

She added that with more COVID-19 care required, there is an increase of risk for people who provide that care, like paramedics, technicians, nurses and doctors.

“The system relies on these people; we rely on them.”

De Villa said with care focusing on COVID-19, it will divert other areas of care that need to be urgently addressed.

When she was asked if the lockdown would be prolonged, she said it was “too early to make predictions around holding restrictions in place until February.”

But she said that holidays, celebrations and festivities must be altered this year, emphasizing that if people congregate from December 24 to New Years Day, it could “easily amplify” the number of infections.

De Villa repeated that the safest way to spend the holiday is with one household, and if someone lives alone, they can join one other family.

On Monday, 651 new cases were reported, with 227 in hospital and 57 in ICU.

The total in Toronto is 45,486 cases with 1,671 reported deaths.