It's going to warm up to 11°C in Toronto this weekend

Mar 3 2020, 9:11 am

It’s a mild one in Toronto today, and that pattern is supposed to continue into the weekend when temperatures will warm up to 11°C, according to The Weather Network.

While Tuesday and Wednesday are offering up rain showers that may mix with some snow, Thursday is expected to provide mainly sunny skies paired with a high of 4°C.

Friday should close the week with scattered flurries and 3°C temperatures, and the temperature is expected to stay stagnant into Saturday, when the sun will shine again.

But Sunday is the day we’ve all been waiting for — 11°C and mainly sunny, the weather agency says. It’ll feel like 9°C, which is almost as good as what the actual temperature will be, and at night, it should only drop down to 4°C.

We’ll feel like we’re in the tropics, basically.

The Weather Network

Next week is looking like it’ll start off on (mostly) the right foot, with 10°C temperatures and mostly sunny skies. There is the chance of a shower though, so pack your umbrella that day.

Tuesday calls for 4°C and mixed precipitation; it looks like snow could be making a comeback. Which is something that, overall, the weather agency does expect will happen as we dive into springtime.

“Over the next two weeks, above seasonal temperatures will dominate across southern Ontario, with daytime highs several degrees above the freezing mark pretty much a guarantee as the jet stream ushers in milder air,” The Weather Network says.

“There is an abundance of close by Arctic air locked up over Hudson Bay and it would not take much to tap into even a little of this over the course of the month. While most computer models show that the next two weeks appear to be consistently above seasonal, the end of March could end up being a very different story.”

With 75 years of the city’s weather on record, the weather agency says that only 15 of those have seen an April come to pass without at least some snow.