The 10 strangest reasons people push the GO Train emergency alarm

Jul 26 2017, 8:28 pm

Once in a while on public transit there’s an unexplainable delay.

Sometimes those delays on, say, the GO Train, are due to people pushing the emergency alarm… for non-emergencies.

On social media, Metrolinx’s spokesperson Anne Marie Aikins shared the top reasons the alarm has been pulled for non-emergencies this year.

“Annual Top 10 List of most popular or odd reasons people push the emergency strip or worse, pull emergency brakes on trains is ready,” she wrote on Wednesday.

And the (hilarious and maddening) list is as follows:

1) Forgot their lunch
2) Washroom non-emergency like it’s out of toilet paper
3) Testing to see if it works
4) Wanted to submit resume…
5) Being loud in Quiet Zone
6) Feet on seats
7) Smelly food
8) Clipping toe nails
9) Missed their stop or requesting stop (most popular according to Aikins.)
10) Crickets…no one admits to it.

The disgustingness of clipping toe nails in public aside, Aikins also reminds passengers that there is a fine associated with pushing the emergency strips, and that it is dangerous.

So clip your toe nails elsewhere to avoid a train delay. PLEASE.

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