Someone made a TikTok with their arm hanging out of moving TTC Subway

Jan 24 2020, 6:55 pm

A video recently shared to TikTok shows someone riding the subway with their arm — and camera — out the window while the train is moving.

The clip, posted to the social media platform by user Paul K Kim, shows the subway passing through St. George Station while capturing the train’s platform moving swiftly below.

Piquing both curiosity and concern, the video left unanswered questions about where the door’s window was and how the user had managed to stick their arm out of the moving vehicle.

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TTC spokesperson Stuart Green has addressed those inquiries.

“This incident occurred on or around January 16 eastbound on a Line 2 train,” he told Daily Hive.

“As soon as we became aware of the missing glass, the vehicle was taken out of service and repaired. We believe the missing glass to be the result of vandalism.

“It is our hope that people seeing something like this would report it to us immediately as it is a serious safety concern.”

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