This is your city, this is Daily Hive

Jun 1 2016, 5:52 pm

Welcome to Daily Hive.

Many of you won’t know us, some of you may be familiar with our previous iteration, but no matter who you are we look forward to becoming a part of your daily routine.

So what is Daily Hive?

To answer that we have to go back to our roots. Daily Hive started life as a humble blog called Vancity Buzz. Set up by two friends in a South Vancouver basement, the blog was designed to celebrate everything that was amazing about their city. It was an idea that caught on. And as time passed that blog morphed into a trusted source for local news, food, events, sports, arts, and more; connecting people with the amazing things that happen each and every day in their city.

With millions of readers visiting the site from across the world, there was clearly an appetite for what we were doing, and it wasn’t long before we were being asked when we would bring Vancity Buzz’s brand of hyper-local digital content to other parts of Canada. That began in 2015 with our expansion into Calgary, and nearly one year later, we’ve continued into Toronto and Montreal all under a new name.

Who are we?

As of today those two people in a South Vancouver basement have grown to a company of more than 24 full time staff and 60 contributors with a presence across Canada. At a time when traditional media outlets are centralizing their operations, we’re proud to be actively putting boots on the ground, because no one knows a city like its own people.

As a result, the content you’ll read here in Toronto will be written by people who live and breath life in the 6ix. They are locals just like you, people who are passionate about this city and the amazing things that happen here.

What do you cover?

Every day we’ll bring you the very best news, food, events, entertainment, arts, and sports happening in your city. From exciting events to inspirational people, via a regular rundown of the very best this city has to offer; you can expect a steady stream of hyper-local digital content.

But it’s important to stress that we’re not a traditional media outlet, and we’re proud of that. We’re people just like you, millennials who are passionate about the city we live and work in. And that’s really the essence of what Daily Hive, is all about. This is your city, and we’re here to connect you to the people and places that make it so special. From food and fashion to arts, entertainment, sports and news; if it’s happening in your city, in your hood, or on your block, you’ll read about it here.

What next?  

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This is your city, and this is your Daily Hive.

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