Temperatures expected to soar to 12°C in Toronto this week

Mar 11 2019, 12:30 pm

While it’s currently 2°C in Toronto, temperatures will be rising and by Thursday, we’ll be into the double digits.

According to the Weather Network, “Tuesday may prove to be the sunniest day of March Break in Ontario, as a dome of high pressure makes a short-lived appearance over the province.”

With it comes much milder temperatures for the remainder of the week.

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While Wednesday is going up to a high of 2°C with mixed precipitation, expect the snow and rain to pause as a mix of sun and clouds roll through for Thursday, which is when we get up to 12°C.

That’s right, 12°C.

The Weather Network

It gets even milder in the southwestern part of the province, where the Weather Network is predicting the first 20°C day of 2019… although sadly, it won’t be in Toronto. The warmest temperatures will be experienced in Windsor, Ontario.

But for now, we won’t complain about the 12°C.

Enjoy it for the day, as the temperatures will drop back to 0°C by the weekend.