Sweet Jesus is now offering its pimped out ice cream by the pint (VIDEO)

Mar 7 2017, 4:39 am

Overloaded ice cream cones are so last year… this year too… but now there’s also an alternative to satisfying epic ice cream cravings without the precarious (and often melting) balancing act.

The newest offering from Sweet Jesus comes with a lid!

The introduction of pints via UberEats delivery and in store at the location on Eglinton Avenue East as well as at the John Street store, means that you can now enjoy four flavours of pimped out soft serve without the mess.

Pints will be available in four flavours; Red Rapture, loaded with cream cheese icing, red velvet cake, raspberry puree, and meringue crumble; Bangin Brownie, made with chocolate soft serve, caramel and chocolate sauces, brownie bits, and choco-cookie crumble; Cookies Cookies Cookies & Cream, feat. cookie butter, Oreos, Fudgeos, chocolate chip cookies, and chunks of cookie dough; Sweet Baby Jesus, a caramel soft serve loaded with chocolate sauce, peanut butter caramel sauce, and chocolate peanut crumble.

Sweet Jesus

Address: 106 John Street, Toronto; 130 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto

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