Starbucks experiencing temporary shortage of products in Canada

Jun 9 2021, 8:30 am

Do. Not. Panic. Starbucks Canada is experiencing a supply shortage, and your favourite drinks could be affected.

In an email to Daily Hive, Starbucks confirmed that they are experiencing a temporary shortage of some of their products.

“We are experiencing temporary supply shortages of some of our products. Specific items will vary by market and store, and some stores will experience outages of various items at the same time,” said a representative of the coffee chain.

“We apologize for the inconvenience, and are working quickly and closely with our supply chain vendors to restock items as soon as possible.”

According to Business Insider, in the United States, orders for at least 25 items have been placed on “temporary hold” as of June 4 via an internal company update viewed by BI.

The list includes items like hazelnut syrup, chai tea bags, toffee nut syrup, green iced tea, and others. Business Insider confirmed the list by three Starbucks employees in Arizona, Georgia, and Oregon.

There has been some buzz surrounding Starbucks within the last year in terms of store closures across Canada. The coffee chain announced in January that by March 2021, they would close up to 300 storefronts.

Several of those locations were downtown spots in Toronto and Vancouver.

The shortage is temporary but don’t be surprised to find that many of their drinks might not be available for a while.

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