This app connects servers, bartenders, and baristas with shifts at local restaurants

Nov 16 2016, 3:24 am

The busiest time of the year is underway in the restaurant and hospitality industry, and managers are wondering how they’re going to staff it all.

In the past, they’d post jobs on sites like Workopolis and Indeed, advertise at job fairs, or even – heaven forbid – put a listing in the local paper.

But now, there’s an app for that.

Staffy, an online marketplace that connects companies with skilled contractors, has released their beta app just in time for the holiday hiring rush.

“The restaurant industry can be quite transient and it takes a lot of time and energy to find and keep staff or fill gaps on the spot,” says Peter Faist, CEO of Staffy.

“We help facilitate on-demand connections to fit short or long-term needs. And with our new on-demand service, we can typically have a skilled contractor on-site within 90 minutes.”

Just ask Grant van Gameren, chef and owner of Toronto hot spots Bar Isabel & Bar Raval:

“We don’t have time to always worry whether our dishwasher is going to show up or not. Staffy gives us the confidence of knowing that we are covered. It’s not easy for someone new to just slip on the line and start working but their staff are sharp and adaptable. Just what you want when you are in need of someone last minute. ”



The app is based off the online Staffy platform, which makes it easier for companies to fill positions immediately or over a long period of time. The platform also lets contractors negotiate for a fair wage, while picking up shifts that fit their schedule.

“For me, serving is something that I really enjoy but I also like having flexibility to pursue my other passions,” says Alex Shine, who’s worked through Staffy for the past nine months.

“The fact that I can source available opportunities in real time and work for the wages I want based on my experience, makes it a lot easier to plan my life and pay my bills.”

More than 150 companies in the restaurant and hospitality industry have already used Staffy’s online platform and the release of its app is expected to grow that number.

Staffy already caters to bars, restaurants, catering companies, event spaces, and foodservice workers in Toronto, and the company is planning to expand into Vancouver, Montreal, and New York soon.

Interested companies and contractors can register online, or download the app through the App Store or Google Play Store.

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