5 services that make adulting much easier

May 9 2019, 5:08 am

When you were younger, adulthood was everything. Chances are, you spent some time daydreaming about having the freedom to do whatever you want, to eat whatever you want, and travel whenever you feel like it. Sheer bliss, right?

But nobody ever warned us about the less exciting parts of adulthood. Oh you know, like having to clean your home, pay bills every month, do grocery shopping, or catch up on a Netflix series when it’s already six seasons in.

Thankfully, there are services that make this whole adulting thing a little bit easier. Here’s a look at some of them and why they might just change your life.

Cleaning services

Clean home/Scrubbi

When you’re working a busy schedule, spending time out with family and friends, and keeping up with the pace of everyday life, it can be tough to find the time to clean. Let’s be real, you probably don’t want to spend your day off cleaning, nor do you want your place to look like a neanderthal’s cave. That’s where technology-focused cleaning services like Scrubbi come in.

Clean home/Scrubbi

The eco-friendly (and pet-friendly) cleaning service has experienced cleaning professionals and stellar customer service to ensure that you’re happy with the results. Plus, all pre-booked appointments never expire. Already, the company has expanded across Canada, and in the last three months, its service has extended to reach Oshawa, Ajax, Whitby, Pickering, Hamilton, and Burlington. Using Scrubbi means you can keep your home clean and tidy like a responsible adult — without the stress.

Pet spa services

Pet spa/Shutterstock

If you’re like most people in Toronto, you adore your pet. Of course, there are moments when they spill their food everywhere and you find their hair all over the sofa, but you can live with that. However, grooming probably isn’t your forte. Luckily, you don’t have to attempt cutting your dog’s hair or clipping their nails because you can simply drop them off at a doggie day spa where they’ll emerge looking and feeling like a million dollars.

Meal prep services

Meal prep/Shutterstock

Sometimes, you want to channel your inner Jamie Oliver and go wild cooking in the kitchen. The rest of the time, all you’ll want to do is order pizza. Meal prep services allow you to meet somewhere in the middle because you can have fresh ingredients (and recipes) delivered right to your door. This saves you having to do any extensive grocery shopping or even, in some cases, having to chop onions. Plus, you can stay on track with eating well and feel good about it, too.

Car-share services

Car share/Shutterstock

Living in the downtown core or in an area with great access to transit means you don’t really have to consider buying a car. But what about those weekends off when you want to take a trip or go hiking? With a car-share membership, you can easily pick up and drop off a car when you need it. Being able to do so makes adulting easier because there’s no need to buy your own car and cover any maintenance costs.

Apps that reward you

Girl using app/Shutterstock

The idea of paying for things like groceries, coffee, or even your phone bill, is not an exciting part of being an adult. But when you can get something back for doing everyday tasks, adulting seems pretty great. Whether it’s a free coffee, gift vouchers, or a special deal on your phone plan, those little triumphs make you feel good about being a responsible, sophisticated older person.

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