Torontonians await a different kind of shot at former Brunswick House

Apr 21 2021, 9:17 am

Toronto residents are now able to book COVID-19 vaccinations at the former Brunswick House, a historical Toronto bar-turned Rexall pharmacy, and people are finding it a bit ironic.

As of April 20, Ontarians age 40 and up are able to book appointments for the AstraZeneca vaccine at select pharmacies – “The Brunny” Rexall location is one of them.

The Brunswick House, right on the corner of Bloor Street and Brunswick Avenue, was a notorious spot for University of Toronto students to let loose and get their drink on.  Now those who line up outside the former bar will be getting another kind of “shot.”

Torontonians who used to spend their nights at the bar recognized the address and took to Twitter to share their thoughts of the “full circle” moment.

“Given the number of Antibodies I developed at the Brunny in undergrad this makes perfect sense,” reads a tweet.

“Shots at the brunny. Time is a flat circle,” reads another.


Across Ontario, about 1,400 pharmacies are currently offering AstraZeneca vaccines. Although appointments are being filled, the province is expected to see two upcoming shipments delayed.

One thing is for sure, a little laughter is needed at a time like this.

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